Q. Why is it called the Lake Hiawatha Heart Warmer?

A. It’s held the weekend of or before Valentine’s Day at Lake Hiawatha in Minneapolis.


Q.  Nothing in life is free, what’s the catch with this winter carnival?

A. Well, it’s free to the public but there are many costs.  Those costs are covered through donations from community members, organizations, and businesses. While there is not a “catch” we are hoping to show guests that a great community exists with award winning schools, a wide range of housing options where you can live close to downtown yet still have a yard, and showcase the diverse businesses that cater to your needs with one to one customer service you won’t find at any big box store.  Overall, we want to show all the benefits this area has to offer and give you a reason to come back.


Q. Why was it started?

A. In 2009, the economy hit bottom pretty hard and many people were losing their jobs and many small businesses were closing their doors.  The Heart Warmer was put together to educate people on how making a small change like using the businesses within their neighborhood rather than driving out to a superstore can make a big difference. The Heart Warmer was also set as a day that families could go out and enjoy time together without the stress of money and enjoy a beautiful park that many don’t even know exists.


All activity costs are covered by donations from local businesses, community groups, and people like you!  Please consider making a donation to cover the costs of this community event.


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